standard cv

If simplicity is what you are after then this is for you.

This CV contains a short professional profile, your educational background and a career experience summary focusing on key skills, attributes and achievements.

infographic cv

The infographic CV packs a punch and creates a high impact visually stimulating lasting first impression.

Gone are the days that CV’s have to be boring. This colorful, presentation style CV will showcase your career, education and core skills in a easy to follow design structure.

international cv

International CV’s available for Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States of America.

powerpoint cv

The evolution of the CV is here.

This is exactly what your CV should be, a presentation of Who you are and the Brand you represent. These CV’s are perfect for project managers, artists, chefs but actually if you want to showcase your career in a portfolio, high impact presentation style document then this is for you.

portfolio cv

Don’t tell, show them.

What more power full way to sell your brand than showcasing actual projects that you have been involved in. This is a perfect way to portray professionalism and confidence in your abilities. 

custom cv

This is our speciality and if you are looking for something unique then this is the product for you.

Our custom CV’s are uniquely designed and written according to your needs and the sky is the limit in terms of design, structure and content. 

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